Macon’s KING ACTS Ideas

Participants at Macon, Georgia’s 24th annual King Day Breakfast Celebration gathered to consider how we might contribute to the building of the ‘beloved community‘ that both King and Mandela exemplified.    Equipped with a powerful quote from either King or Mandela , more than 270 persons of all ages  found a partner equipped with another quote. [see list of all 24 MLK  &  24 Madiba  quotes on next tab].  The newly paired quotes -one from King and one from Mandela- were briefly discussed.  From this discussion participants contributed practical ideas which will advance Middle Georgia’s capacity to live more justly. 88 ideas are listed for the community’s consideration.

 Through a community-wide summit on Saturday, June 28, 2014, the best ideas will be honed into LOCAL KING ACTS.  Across the following six months (July – December) we will work to implement MACON KING ACTS. Remembering Mandela’s maxim:  “It always seems impossible until it’s done”, plan now to attend King Day 2015 to celebrate our shared success!

Macon Georgia’s KING ACTS

88 ideas from

 24th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast

January 20, 2014

  1. Each person do something to help youth (education).
  2. Always lead from the front.
  3. Treat everyone the way that you would want to be treated.
  4. We must develop friendships with people of different races.
  5. Not to be lazy, we must educate our mind to learn to be better.
  6. We should Love and work together More.
  7. Know your neighbor. Love your neighbor as yourself. This love will definitely shine a light in our world,
  8. Be kind to one another.(2)
  9. Improving  education is always the way to improve a Neighborhood and decrease its poverty.
  10.  Great outlook-will take to heart.11.
  11.  Teach people not to be so violent.
  12.  Our light is “The Holy Spirit” speaking, shining, giving love and acceptance. No fears, just joy!
  13.  By visiting other church’s activities and events in as many communities as possible.
  14.  Love, respect, and help.
  15.  I am Somebody-I am a child of God.
  16.  Repeal Georgia SB 440, SB 441 (2 strikes you’re out). Repeal Roe v. Wade
  17.  Youth readiness
  18.  Love one another.
  19.  We need more activities for our young and to decrease criminal gang activities in our community.
  20.   I would like to see more black females within my organization, in which isn’t one at R.A.F.B. However, there is none.
  21.  The Community needs to come together to stop crime and gang activity in the city.
  22.  Forgiveness.
  23.  Teaching and showing one what love is! Coming together in communities and have one sponsor (kids) no color barriers.
  24.  Start helping someone –some kids who need help and to bond with whites and blacks.
  25.  Self-esteem and education.
  26.   I would delete the offensive synonyms from the thesaurus synonyms for blackness).
  27.  To develop-In school to study more about the life of Mr. Mandela.
  28.  Show folks what is really going on. “Stop, Look. What’s really going on?    What’s that sound?”
  29.  We should gather together and greet t each other in Love, and respect for one another.
  30.  Know your neighbor, Love your neighbor as thyself. Let that Love dominate in this world.
  31.  Make an effort to meet of a different ethnic group. Free their minds through diversity.
  32.  Promoting education and building self-esteem in the young.
  33.  Put more action into the way you are thinking.
  34.  Be open and friendly to people who look different than you.
  35.  Pray
  36.  Work with the youth and the seniors in our community of all races.
  37.  I will work a youth organization.
  38.  Love, care, share.
  39.  Each one, teach one, peace to all. (Write in any language.)
  40.  It’s time to stop being separated and move on together.
  41.  Be kind to one another.
  42.  Evaluate base on character-especially a non-self-serving character.
  43.  We need to introduce reading to our children at the womb to the tomb (grave).
  44.  We should have leaders who can respect other people without seeing the color of their skin. And they should teach others about their respect.
  45.  Treat every human being as you would want to be treated. Begin with a smile. More events to include all citizens of Bibb County.
  46.  Plan some specific occasions where we interact and can develop self-confidence by putting thy neighbor first into practice.
  47.  Always treat all folks with kindness.
  48.  Speak to New Government Commission and advance the practice of Consensus vs. “Counting Votes”.
  49.  Stop Institutional Racism.
  50.  Develop more programs to encourage self-esteem among young people. . We need a YWCA in Macon.
  51.  Praise God every day.
  52.  Continue to Love one Another, and treat people like you want to be treated.
  53.  Send a letter to the Breakfast Committee,  to all area pastor to challenge their church members to intentionally develop a friendship with just one person of a different color in 2014,
  54.  Recognize that all people are beautiful and that words don’t indicate what’s in the heart.
  55.  Host a large, city-wide devotional service at the Centreplex-with many religions represented-and including a meet and greet session.
  56.  Need to nurture children and youth in the spiritual education. (I don’t mean sectarian or religion).
  57.  It’s easier to act your way into a different way of feeling than it is to feel your way into a different way of acting.
  58.  Advance World Peace.
  59.  Volunteer or join an organization that works with and serves youth in our community,
  60.  Power comes to those who are humble and willing to meet the needs of others.
  61.  God is everything-so if you want to have everything God is free.
  62.  We must Trust and Believe and Help each other to go forward in this world
  63.  To realize who God is and work accordingly with His teachings. In this way we can’t go wrong, for in all that we do make sure God gets the glory.
  64.  Free your mind and let your body be free.
  65.  We need to Love and not Hate each other.
  66.  We have to more than register and more than vote. Shall have to create leaders who embody virtues we can respect.
  67.  Help others.
  68.  Leaders should put aside their differences and put the need of the people first!
  69.  Demonstrate ethical behavior and love of our fellow man even when it is not easy because of the differences of attitudes.
  70.  We should be more knowledgeable about our civic duties.
  71.  Improve the quality of education in Macon and Bibb County.
  72.  Have an “institutional” membership classification with dues of some significance so that churches can join and partner.
  73.  Continue to have community meetings to bring the group together for youth activities, those children that are not in afterschool and youth involvement.
  74.  Expose our children continually to multicultural activities. More fellowship activities.
  75.  I am a man with dignity and honor.
  76.  Do more activities with all races working together.
  77.  We need to learn to love one another,
  78.   For churches to become more integrated.
  79.  Knowledge and Education
  80.  As Americans we should stay focused on keeping Dr. King alive.
  81.  Demonstrate loving compassion.
  82.  We should do unto others as we desire them to do unto us.
  83. We should all practice solidarity.
  84.  We should practice compassion.
  85.   Teach children to respect adults.
  86.  Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Teach our children respect, love, and how to treat our fellow man.
  87.  Leader of greater social change.
  88.  Pursue 50TH  Civil Rights Anniversary : Freedom Summer 2014

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  1. Greg Young

    Eighty eight great ideas, to carry forward Dr. King’s legacy. What about adding one more to further the cause of equality in the world, by including our brothers and sisters of the “LGBT” community. We all are children of God, and have special gifts given to us by our Lord. I think Dr. King would agree.

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