Diversity Assets is a non-profit firm focused on community transformation and social justice initiatives. Shaped by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s prophetic notion, we believe “the arc of time bends toward justice.”  Diversity Assets is pursuing a more just world & the building of the beloved community.  Through our suite of original ventures, community engagement, client driven resources, a sustainable approach to collaborative community progress is pursued.

Functioning with expertise, leadership, and access.

Founding president / C.E.O. Cameron Pennybacker brings more than 21 years experience in transformative community initiatives.  Coupled with an exceptional cadre of local, national, and international partners, Diversity Assets carries both a global reach and a local perspective in the education, healthcare, financial, housing, and government sectors while positively impacting the arts, faith, non-profit, and philanthropic communities.  Through Diversity Assets Initiatives, we are living into our core belief that so many of our differences are not to be ignored as liabilities, but respected as assets.  Consequently, our communities are stronger when we claim our variety and work collaboratively to overcome historic divisions.

Headquartered in  Atlanta  |  Macon, Georgia

Diversity Assets continues to make a particularly strong local investment.  Our middle Georgia initiatives reflect Diversity Assets’ continuing commitment to the communities in which we live.  Within walking distance to business, government, nonprofit, religious, and arts centers, our downtown Macon offices (opened Nov. 13,  2012) reflect our persistent commitment to city center progress.